Committee Duty Roster

Committee Member on Duty Roster

Please contact the member on duty for any concerns on the day. 

Committee Duty Roster - Updated 15/5/23

  • Be the point of contact for anyone requiring information
  • Collect match cards, take pics and send/or deliver cards to Comp Coordinator. Submit any required reports for any judicial issues with the judicial officers. 
  • Unlock/Lock tech dugout, clean (if required) and topup the water in the foot cleaners. 
  • Perform a pitch inspection to collect any loose debris & report any damage to the manager of Facilities
  • Turn on the scorepad and make sure it connects to the board. Also, make sure Scorepad is on the charger at the end of the day in Dugout
  • Make sure the Shed is locked at the end of the day
  • Do a quick clean-up at the end of the day
  • The roster with your contact number will be placed on a notice board near the canteen. If you are not at the ground please arrange with one of the other committee members to be the contact in your absence.
  • If you are unavailable on the above date please arrange a swap or contact Micheal for assistance.
  • Assist the umpire in keeping the games on time where possible
  • Ensure players are following facility rules. i.e. enter on the dugout side, exit stadium side, no jumping fences (report anyone who jumps the fence)
  • Photograph Match cards & any incident reports and send them to Executive of Match Day 


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