Umpire Training & Development

Please see the attached document regarding our adopted Development & Accreditation Program. 

This location will be the portal for all umpire development in the coming years.

It was resolved by the committee recently that we would commence offering payment to umpires for the 2024 season with a review to be conducted at the end of the year. The below conditions will be applied and must be completed for umpires to receive payment which will be completed twice throughout the season. (July & Sept)


  • Umpire must attend training & development sessions planned by the GHA Umpire Coordinator (if unavailable a submitted reason and follow-up session must be completed)
  • Complete the Hockey Aus - Foundation Support Umpire free online course (roughly 1 hour) 
    • Go to & select "login" at the top right (on a desktop) or click on the 3 lines and log in the menu on a mobile device
    • Click Login on the "Hockey Ed" option. 
    • Go to "learn more" in the umpire section and enrol in the "Foundation Support Umpire" course. Once enrolled you can head over to "My Training" and complete the course which takes roughly an hour.
    • Once completed you will be emailed a certificate which is to be emailed to

Umpire payment for 2024 will be $10 per game officiated

Additional training can be completed using the below GHA-developed questionnaires. Also, we recommend downloading the FHI Rules of Hockey app from your app store. This is a great resource for quick rule clarification and also has a self-assessment you can complete.


GHA Created Exams




Files available for download


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