Footwear for Synthetic Hockey Field

Published Sun 01 Jan 2023

The time has finally arrived and our Synthetic Surface is almost ready to use. With that there are some facility guidelines that we need to follow (our new facility policy is currently being developed), however, to help everyone get a head start here are some guidelines for footwear.

PLEASE NOTE: this is subject to change once we have official handover from Tuff Turf, however, if you stick to the mutli-stop/dimpled rubber shoes similar to these examples you will beall good. These are examples of sole patterns only and not specific recommendations of what shoes you must wear. You can always wear your joggers as well......although being water based your socks may get a little damp :) The bottom of the page shows examples of what you can't wear and also a special deal with The Athletes Foot for GHA members.

Response from Tuff Turf: In regards to the footwear to be worn on Synthetic hockey fields Metal studs or blades are not permitted The players will need to purchase what is known as a “Turf Shoe “ These shoes have smaller rubber studs. Cross trainers are also common and reliable so long as they have appropriate traction. Plastic studded boots are common on 3 G pitches but these also are not preferred as the plastic studs will potentially increase the wear on the surface by cutting into the fibres. There are numerous brands of hockey shoes that cater for synthetic hockey pitches some of these are Adidas, Solomon, Asics,

Suitable/Acceptable Footwear

  • Rubber soled multi-stop or cleated shoes or boots
  • Moulded rubber sprigs, provided there is a minimum of fifteen (15) sprigs per shoe. Sprigs must not protrude more than 10mm from the sole and must have a smooth dome shape without any sharp edges.
  • Runners.
  • Tennis shoes, basketball boots, Gym boots.


Unsuitable/Unacceptable Footwear

  • Boots/Shoes with leather, metal or screw-in sprigs.
  • Hard plastic soled shoes or boots with either cleats or sprigs.


Goal Keeping Equipment

  • All sharp objects (buckles, toe caps etc) must be taped or covered with suitable protectors so that no sharp protrusions are present.


To assist our players we're happy to announce that we've partnered with Athletes Foot Griffith to offer 2022 registered hockey players 10% off any hockey shoe purchased before the 1st Nov 2022.

All you have to do is head in-store and say you're from GHA to claim the offer.


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